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Generations Crosswise by BlackArachnis Generations Crosswise :iconblackarachnis:BlackArachnis 0 0
Dreams... funny things... some say they are just memory fragments rearranged as they are stored, some say they are your imagination running wild while there are those saying they are a glimpse into alternate realities, the what ifs....the future... me, I think it`s all of the above mixed together and more... I cannot remember my mother's voice yet I know when she is speaking to me in my dreams. I recall siblings never born, powers never posessed, the odd sensation of surplus bones inside my arms, sharpened to slice through tungsten steel... yet I know I do not posess these, I am no more then a mere man... yet how can I quantify the fact my body has these odd pieces of knowledge inside me? I know how to use a sword, I never learned how to and movies are hardly a good source... or the fact I know what to look for in tracking, navigational skills my fellow sea scouts would've been jealous of yet seem perfectly natural to me... the odd sensations in the back of my head as I fly in a
:iconblackarachnis:BlackArachnis 0 0
I Like These Odds by BlackArachnis I Like These Odds :iconblackarachnis:BlackArachnis 2 1
Whisper's Log
Whisper`s log
cybertronian date 44612: I arrived on Sol III or Earth as the native inhabitants call it. I found this sleek vehicle and scanned it for my new alternate mode. the earthlings, or humans as they like to be called, call it a Honda S2000.don`t know what that stands for but I find it a stylish design. I landed the Defiance in an area called Santa Monica. wierd place really. I scan a lot of the humans being only partly organic. I`ll see what that is about tomorrow, I need a recharge.
cybertronian date 44621: been here nine days now and I ran into Rotorwing. old sonovaglitch hasn`t changed much since I last saw him. he didn`t reformat like me but he`s got a place in an area called the nevada desert. might look him up and see if he might have some jobs for me. I`m getting rather bored. in fact, I`m considering putting myself up for hire to humans. I`m pretty sure I can get some job to help me pay some bills... even here energon`s expensive. I hate having to get jobs just to keep
:iconblackarachnis:BlackArachnis 0 0
For My Mate
for you I write this, to let you know how I feel and how I see you...when I look at a photo of you I see not the flawed being you see in the mirror, I see the magnificent glory that is you...your smile, the twinkle in your eyes, a godess in my eyes...and I wish so much I could reach out to touch you, to feel your warm skin under my fingertips. I see no cruelty nor evil intend, I see only the kindness and tenderness that you are. for all my mistakes and ill deeds I wish I could turn stop from soiling your perfection with my mere mortal eyes....but forever my eyes are fixed on you...I wish I could explain how I truly feel when you are angered at I wished at those times that I could go back in time to do it right...but I can`t and I suffer deeply in my heart for all my misdoings.I know that forever my heart belongs to you, even though I do not deserve yours..for I am only a mortal man...forever deeply in love with the pure godess that you are my beloved mate.
:iconblackarachnis:BlackArachnis 0 1
The Desert
I walk into the desert hoping that something will find me, see me as the lonely soul I am...but there is no one here. I walk without pause, the heat and sun beating down on my weary consciousness, hoping that it will numb the pain caused by her...but it doesn`t... there is no snowplace for me, there never has been.... all the love and care I seemed to receive from her were but illusions, made in my mind and heart to be true. but they never her I was but an anchor for her snowplace, her heaven and that her cold words about a silly subject cut me deep in my heart did not matter, it merely fueled her thoughts to pour salt in the wound with ridicule and hatred..and now the end is near, I can see the place my subconsciousness was guiding me to. it is just another sand dune to others but to is my final stop, the resting place of my destroyed soul. I do not expect solace, comfort or even pity....this world has none for me, the one who'se only fate in life is to be beaten dow
:iconblackarachnis:BlackArachnis 0 0
Roadterror original design by BlackArachnis Roadterror original design :iconblackarachnis:BlackArachnis 0 3 W.I.P. Nightstorm by BlackArachnis W.I.P. Nightstorm :iconblackarachnis:BlackArachnis 1 3 Arcticus kitbash by BlackArachnis Arcticus kitbash :iconblackarachnis:BlackArachnis 1 4 Alpha Extreme kitbash by BlackArachnis Alpha Extreme kitbash :iconblackarachnis:BlackArachnis 2 8 Rotorwing kitbash by BlackArachnis Rotorwing kitbash :iconblackarachnis:BlackArachnis 1 2 Blackjack kitbash by BlackArachnis Blackjack kitbash :iconblackarachnis:BlackArachnis 1 0 Nightscorcher kitbash by BlackArachnis Nightscorcher kitbash :iconblackarachnis:BlackArachnis 0 3 Nocturnal kitbash by BlackArachnis Nocturnal kitbash :iconblackarachnis:BlackArachnis 0 2 Napalm kitbash by BlackArachnis Napalm kitbash :iconblackarachnis:BlackArachnis 0 10 Nightcracker kitbash by BlackArachnis Nightcracker kitbash :iconblackarachnis:BlackArachnis 1 1


Tracks takes down Menasor by wordmongerer Tracks takes down Menasor :iconwordmongerer:wordmongerer 177 86 VF-25?.. by TwV VF-25?.. :icontwv:TwV 14 10 Like Nothing on Earth by ukitakumuki Like Nothing on Earth :iconukitakumuki:ukitakumuki 4,403 685
Turbo Boosted
"Stunticons!" Megatron called out over the communications channel. Motormaster and the others ground to a halt to listen.
"Whaddaya want, Megatron?" Motormaster growled.
"I need you to do a job for me. There is a black Pontiac Trans Am hanging around the Autobots. I need you to capture it and bring it to me. UNDAMAGED. Do you understand?"
"Awww undamaged? Where's the fun in that?" Motormaster groaned.
"Let me put this in terms you can understand. If that car is NOT in one piece when you bring it to me, you will find yourselves in exactly the same condition when I'm through with you!" Megatron snapped.
"Alright, alright," Motormaster sighed.
"Excellent. Megatron out."
"I wonder what he wants with an Earth car," Deadend mused.
"Maybe he wants to make another one of us!" Wildrider exclaimed excitedly.
"Don't remind me that we're made of Earth scrap," Deadend retorted.
"Alright you two, break it up!" Motormaster ordered, "Stunticons,
:iconshebakoby:ShebaKoby 11 23
Knight Tracks
"You want me to do what?" Tracks asked incredulously.
"You heard me man, I want to move out of town and I need your help," Raoul told him, "I heard it's where all the action is. Maybe I can get a part in a movie or something."
"A part in a movie? Where exactly are you moving to?"
"Los Angeles."
"Oh well, then, what are we waiting for?" Tracks exclaimed, "Why didn't you say so in the first place? Perhaps some Hollywood bigwig will discover me and I'll be even more famous than before."
Tracks was stuffed to the roof with Raoul's things--surprising, since he didn't think that kid owned that much stuff--and the uneventful trip to the West Coast commenced. It was upon arrival--and stashing away of Raoul's things--that it started to get interesting.
Raoul knew people in L.A., so finding a place to crash wasn't a problem. The next order of business was finding someone who could get his foot in the stage door. But first things first--Raoul was hungry and convinced Tracks
:iconshebakoby:ShebaKoby 23 13
Eeyore Convoy by Johnny216 Eeyore Convoy :iconjohnny216:Johnny216 70 40 Screech Prime by JetBlack0X Screech Prime :iconjetblack0x:JetBlack0X 5 4 Sit On It by ukitakumuki Sit On It :iconukitakumuki:ukitakumuki 1,863 460 Too sexy for this gestalt by Johnny216 Too sexy for this gestalt :iconjohnny216:Johnny216 33 23 Fembot seekers done, 'phew' by biomechlizardchick Fembot seekers done, 'phew' :iconbiomechlizardchick:biomechlizardchick 401 64 Jackshot by beamer Jackshot :iconbeamer:beamer 3 16 One Shall Stand... by fourth-heir One Shall Stand... :iconfourth-heir:fourth-heir 78 39 the Legend of Hyrule by hansime the Legend of Hyrule :iconhansime:hansime 84 26


  • Listening to: moviescores
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  • Watching: Transformers Prime
  • Playing: Mass Effect 3
  • Eating: a sandwich
  • Drinking: sprite
boy, did I get sidetracked or what... but... I uploaded a new custom after so long... at least I'm still alive and kicking eh? :P


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Dennis Westmaas
Current Residence: amsterdam
Favourite genre of music: metal
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: winamp
Wallpaper of choice: G1 Tracks
Favourite cartoon character: Rattrap, Beast wars
Personal Quote: if my future`s in the stars, mine must have gone supernova already


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